Book Preview
Aratta-Ukraine front cover

The book is richly illustrated with 139 black-and-white figures, some or which are shown in the above pages.
There are also 42 tables containing over 570 black-and-white illustrations of maps, diagrams & artefacts, (two of which are shown below), and there are 16 plates containing 94 colour photographs. (These colour plates are reproduced in black-and-white in the budget NON-COLOUR edition of the book. Two of these plates are shown below, in colour and black-and-white, for comparison).

The book ends with a large Glossary of more than 500 descriptive terms. In this edition (*where some terms have been added by the translators) this section is particularly helpful for English readers who may be unfamiliar with many of the archaeological, historical, geographical, cultural & folkloric terms that are specific to the Neolithic, Vedic & Slavic cultures described in Ancient History of Aratta-Ukraine : 20,000 BCE - 1,000 CE.

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